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Escape to the Relaxing Spa Experience

Home Based Business Opportunity

Women are more stressed than ever, but who has the time or the money to go to day spa every week?
The solution? Pamper yourself at home!

We offer women and their friends the opportunity to get together and share in some much needed relaxation while experiencing Spa Quality luxury treatments that sell for a fraction of the cost of treatments at a retail spa.

They get to try before they buy and all products come with a 30 day guarantee!

Client's can order on line and you as a consultant are not required to carry inventory!

TruAura products are formulated for the health and balance of the microbiome (the healthy bacteria on your skin.)

This requires a strict policy that prohibits the use of ingredients that are commonly used in other cosmetic and skin care brands.

TruAura products only contain ingredients that are naturally derived or skin identical to create "clean" formulations.

"Skin identical" means that they are ingredients that are naturally produced by the body, i.e. hyaluronic acid, peptides, etc.

Did you know that stress related illnesses account for 90% of the visits the doctor?

Our consultants teach others others how to de-stress in the privacy of their own homes by turning their bathroom into a spa!

To experience a Pampering Spa Retreat or for more information on our product line contact Susan Kesler at

Why consider a home based business?

Did you know that owning a home based business can lower the amount of personal income tax you pay?

If you're working a full-time or part-time job do yourself a favour and check out the tax benefits of running a home based business.

The deductions outlined by Revenue Canada for home based businesses include: phone, heat, electricity, water, home insurance, mortgage interest, rent, car purchase or lease, car expenses including gas and oil changes, travel for conferences, capital cost expenditures such as computers etc.