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The Neighborhood Express, Saskatoon - Saskatoon Woman Receives Keys to 2006 Lexus

The Neighborhood Express

Saskatoon Woman Receives Keys to 2006 Lexus

When Susan Kesler left a fifteen year nursing career to be a BeautiControl consult- ant, people wondered why she would take on such a different life style. She’d earned a Clinical Master’s Degree and was a respected member of an Intensive Care Unit, but with hospital cuts looming and three young children at home, Kesler wanted the chance to take the wheel in her career. Now, sixteen years after she made the decision to be an entrepreneur, she is behind the wheel of a 2006 Lexus, given to her as part of BeautiControl’s “Director Growth Program Award.”

An opportunity was made possible to earn this award during an eighteenth month program which challenged teams to build-up their sales a minimum of a 10% increase a month. As a result, several BeautiControl directors within the province of Saskatchewan received their choice of either a Lexus or a red Ford Mustang Convertible. Kesler claims that “many companies have a car incentive program, but this one is different. They give away a car no strings attached.”

Kesler says she joined BeautiControl in 1990 because she wanted to be able to colour analyze (colour/drape) men and women to help them with their wardrobe and colour choices. The company’s original focus was on image keeping current with market demand, has now shifted its focus to their Therapeutic Spa Lines. Kesler states that according to the Direct Sellers Association, BeautiControl is the fastest growing beauty business in North America.